So this is my so called blog

I was reading Vinay singhal’s blog yesterday, and then this idea came up in my mind that I should start writing my own blog too and here I am writing my first ever blog.
So what do I write ? Like most of the times of my life I am clueless right now that what’s I am going to write, should I write about politics or my startup or sports……blah blah blah. And suddenly it hit me !DEA…and from now on I am going to thank supreme court for shutting down section 66A(ab me kisi ki bhi le skta hu).
So I ll be writing anything I want…some people will find it offensive and others are going to enjoy it, so if you are a political party member or a hardcore celebrity fan or a Taliban…you guys don’t have to read my future posts.
I am ANAND SINGH BUNDELA signing off for now. Have a good week guys.


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