Nepotism: a new word i learnt last week.

textgram_1500781104Last whole week all i could see on my timeline was nepotism this and nepotism that, Karan johar and saif took a jibe at Kangana ranaut over her comment on nepotism in bollywood.

Now just for a second think(i know it is a tough job), think. The day Abram(Shah Rukh Khan son) born over media made him a celebrity, we get more news and pictures of Abram coming in thn SRK. Media has already made Suhana and Aryan celebrities and covering everything including there personal life to social. Now from a producer’s point of view investing on a famous face insures him better return on investment. So whom will he launch ?
And still if you think nepotism is there because of media thn again wrong, we are as much as responsible for existing nepotism in bollywood.

When was the last time you went to watch a movie with new and lesser known but talented new comers ?
Did you watch Masaan in theatre or downloaded it fron torrent after hearing positive reviews about it on news ?
Just four weeks ago a movie came “A death in the Gunj” starring very talented Vikrant Massey and it is an amazing movie, but the question is did you watch it in theater ?

Now you know why nepotism rocks in bollywood.

Now lets talk about our society. We use our fathers or some relatives connections and name one time or another in our life to get something, is it not nepotism ? Maybe someone more deserving than us was in line but we got it because of our family or relatives ?

And lets come to the main thing where nepotism not just rocks but metals also(bad pun), Politics.

So theres a great leader who becomes P.M. of our country, then his daughter, after her death her Son becomes P.M. But now they are out of option but still can’t manage to loose elections. So they came up with a brilliant plan and gives political leadership to widow of dead P.M. This way they got sympathy and votes. Nowadays they say her son is P.M. candidate. They all treat him as prince and heir to India’s throne but i see no throne. This is Nepotism at its purest form.

So nepotism was there and it will be here always, coz who needs to work hard for it when you can call and get it.

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